Blog Post 5

The topic about Technobiophilia is very interesting. The way we view society and our environment interest me tremendously. Sue Thomas expanded my knowledge about Technobiophilia. As a individual I choose to perceive images such a clouds, waterfalls and grassland as appealing to me. Reasoning, is because it makes me visualize a life of mine that does not actually appear. I believe viewing images that your not usually accustom to makes you want dream like your actually there. Knowing about this action that occurs when unfamiliar images  are displayed is when #metaliteracy plays a factor in your life. Being knowledgeable about a specific situations characterizes you with the ability to display #metaliteracy . Overall, this lecture gave me the opportunity to reflect on the nature and technology of todays society which is phenomenal.


blog post 3

One component of #metaliteracy is becoming knowledgeable in a particular area. I choose to speak upon this aspect of #metaliteracy because I believe this characteristic is very important for an individual to attain to become successful in life. Becoming knowledgeable in general aspects of life is important as well for everyday functioning, but  once you perfect a craft and your able to teach others from the knowledge you have attained makes you a strong individual. Developing these characteristics makes you a distinct individual, makes you a role model, and a leader willingly. Becoming educated is very powerful, knowledge is key. The most important component of metaliteracy is becoming knowledgeable.  

Blog Post 4

I have furthered my knowledge about digital storytelling after watching and listening to Brian Alexander and Nicola Allain Mooc talk. Those two individuals have #metaliteracy in digital storytelling. I have learned that storytelling can be based on history whether it is fictional or non fictional, stories are about important events or someone, and a certain kind of personal experience can also define digital storytelling. From my own personal perspective about digital story telling I view that term as information broadcast in the media from a personal experience of someone fictional or non fictional. Which sums up what was basically discussed in the mooc talk. I found the mooc talk very informational and I would refer others to watch who are interested in digital storytelling.


This is my first time in a MOOC as a student. Also, this is my first time actually learning about metaliteracy. Metaliteracy to me is basically formulated by all key aspects of life. The intriguing information #metaliteracy incorporates is undervalued. The ability to read, write and become knowledgeable in a particular area sums up the qualities of meatliteracy. These basic characteristics is needed for all individuals to succeed. Becoming more metaliterate will help me throughout life in school and beyond. Learning and perceiving things in a critical way helps me to understand and learn from every experience I go through. While becoming more metaliterlite I will be able to distinguish circumstances and make the most of every opportunity. I hope to fully understand all the materials distributed throughout this semester. The overall course view after the first class seemed very interesting and knowledgeable. I hope to grasp every lesson taught from this course.